UK Benefits

Guides and useful resources for the benefits for you and information on “how to claim benefits you are entitled to” with comprehensive guide on NHS prescriptions, eye tests and dental treatment benefits.

Resources to help people with IIH and their needs including Housing Benefit Cover guide Links for Support Resources

Benefits Overview including guide for home improvements based loans – UK benefits guide overview

UK Retirement and pension Links including links for Housing Benefits UK Retirement and Pensions Website

Housing, parents and money with guide on home improvements based loans Useful resources for Employment Benefits, Education and Parents/ Carers

Money management resources including money advice, citizen advice and housing benefits Useful links by Rees Foundation

Wiltshire Council housing – Housing, council, tax and benefits

Benefits – Pension Wise Any pension money you have may affect your entitlement to benefits

Housing Benefits by Bristol.gov.uk


Listed Useful resources for Blind people including home adaptations guide if you are blind or partially sighted. Helpful if you want to support someone who is blind or visually impaired

Links to useful sites for blindness including details about Home improvement agencies useful sites for blindness and partially sighted

Resource page for people with blindness including home adaptations Useful links to organisations

Useful visual loss and hearing loss resources with home adaptations for partially sighted Useful links for Disfigurement also

British Wireless for the blind fund – provide blind and partially sighted people with a lifeline to the world

Visionary – a membership organisation for local sight loss charities

Royal London Society for Blind – believes in a better life for blind children


Collection of Topics including resources and benefits for OAPs and financial support from government. Also listed some charities and organisations which can help for a happier life to older people.

Benefits and grants for OAPs including age-related benefit to Home winter fuel payments by Equality North East

Useful links for older people including home adaptations guide by Carer’s Support (Bexley)

Links and Advice for older people including guide on council tax support on home expenses by Sea Palling & Waxham Community

Elder related links including age related benefits and comprehensive guide for home adaptations by Elder Dempster Lines page

Links to more information for elders including home adaptations guide for older people – Also links to pension-related websites that may be useful

Welfare advice and assistance available for older people with in depth home adaptations guide Links to website for useful information on benefits

Collection of links for housing and finance with guide on council tax support on home expenses Useful links for UK Government Advice and Help

Charities and Organization links including Income-Related housing benefits Useful Links by Care In Your Home

Useful links by Secular Funerals including useful guide for home adaptations useful links to web sites that have advice and can give support

Collection of links for benefit for OAPs with comprehensive guide on housing benefits Resources for Pensions, Benefits and Care Costs


A general list of charities and Organisations helping fighting dementia, useful links for families and carers to provide the best care possible.

Home Adaptations for people with Dementia In depth guide to Help Manage Dementia

Dementia nursing: vision and strategy by GOV.UK

Dementia Care mapping used by care practitioners to improve quality of life for people living with dementia

Dementia-friendly environments by Social Care Institute for Excellence

Dementia UK – Helping families face dementia

Resources and Qualifications – Help you care better for people living with dementia

Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (DEEP) – Resources and links

General Dementia Websites – Young Dementia UK


Useful Links for Daily life including links for Home improvement and home crafts by Burghfield.org

Disability Links by RP fighting blindness

Rare Disease UK – the national campaign for people with rare diseases and all who support them

Advice Now – A non-profit website run by a charity offers information on rights and the law

Entitledto – A online benefits calculator, see what benefits you are entitled to and how to claim them

A guide to Benefits for disabled children – by Working Families